Ryan Musante
Ryan Musante



U.S. Navy
Kanagawa, Japan

Sep 2009 – Present  9 yrs 7 mos

about ryan musante

I have always been interested in technology since I was a child. Seeing the evolution of microprocessors and personal computers from 1980’s until the present has kept me hooked! Today, you can quickly find me in one of a few places – developing on Github, learning new skills on Youtube, catching up on the latest tech trends on Reddit, or clicking buy now on Amazon’s killer deals.

My hobbies range from cataloging and preservation of old software, games, operating systems, magazines, comic books, product box art, to advertisements and TV series. As you can see, I enjoy spending my free time lost in nostalgia.

Japan has fueled my hobbies by being exposed to a group of seriously technology-oriented people. They embrace it in a way that is very different from western society. These people understand me!

Looking back, my father was an inspirational person in my life. He was a gifted individual that was self-taught. He spent many hours obsessed with the many electronics and mechanical projects he had in his possession. I have followed in those footsteps and owe much to him for opening my eyes to the vast amount of interests and hobbies I’ve pursued.

If I’m not surfing Netflix, researching a movie on IMDB, or gaming on Linux – chances are I’m reminiscing about the past or predicting what’s coming in the future. Technology is a beautiful thing and I’m staying on top of it at work and at play. Care to join me?

Ryan Musante

Ryan Musante

Yokosuka, Japan

Second Class Petty Officer, E-5 | U.S. Navy