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Story in Japan

After joining the US Navy, I was deployed at a Navy installation in Yokosuka, Japan, 43 miles
south of Tokyo. In my position as an IT specialist, my orders were to train and maintain classified
network computer systems.
Commander, Naval Forces Japan, Navy Region Japan acts as the Navy representative and
coordinator in the area of responsibility stretching from the southern tip of the Kamchatka
peninsula to the northern tip of Taiwan and promotes operability and liaises with the Japan
Maritime Self Defense Force.
CNFJ/CNRJ delivers vital shore readiness capabilities to the fleet, fighter and family throughout
the western Pacific and Indian Ocean by optimizing available resources.
The most unique part about being in this area is that we have subs, carriers and destroyers all at
once at the same base. We were in a critical area, not just for Japan and the U.S., but the entire


Growing up in Georgia where life is simple, people would often ask me what do you want to be when
grow up? Most kids would say a police officer, a fireman, or a professional athlete… I would smile
and say submariner!
How did I get this idea you ask? From watching one of my role models while growing up – my Dad.
The stories and experiences he shared during his time as submariner was infectious, so I was happy
to follow in his footsteps.
Joining the United States Military was one of the most impactful decisions of my life. I was blessed
with the opportunity to serve with Commander, Naval Forces Japan, supporting the Navy’s
mission in one of the world’s busiest maritime regions and supporting U.S. 7th Fleet for the past
nearly 10 years.
My roles have included not only being a submariner, but also a missile technician and information
technology specialist.
Spending an extended amount of time in a foreign country changes you. The way you view life,
culture, and people all transforms. I’ll share more about this transformation in the Japan section,
be sure to check it out!

Ryan Musante

Yokosuka, Japan

Second Class Petty Officer, E-5 | U.S. Navy